About Ethical Drugs Ltd.

Ethical Drugs Ltd has operated in Bangladesh for the greater part of the last three decades, innovating and striving to bring therapeutic remedies to the people of the nation at an uncompromised quality and affordable price. With its own marketing force and trained efficient production team, the company boasts a dominant presence in the country’s pharmaceutical sector.

Founded by Managing Director, a pharmacist himself; Ethical Drugs Ltd, established its manufacturing roots in Godnail, Siddhirgonj, Narayangonj, Bangladesh, in 1991; a project very close to his heart. Now a fully-fledged family run institution with a strong management consisting of pharmacists, engineers and accountants, the company has carved an unequivocal name in the pharma sector of the country. The company has seen positive growth each year and is diversifying its products and market. Backed by excellent research and development, and a skilled professional team, today’s Ethical Drugs Ltd is enjoys its benefits from the diligence and hard work the company has put through in the past three decades.

Along with a state-of-the-art technology industrial manufacturing unit, Ethical Drugs also enjoys an efficient distribution and marketing network with strategically located 18 depots at key points around the country, and enjoying the services of highly skilled marketing team. A firm believer in research and development, we are continuously learning and constantly seeking to improve our products, striving to improve where ever there is room to improve.

Now, we announce with pleasure, that Ethical’s growth can no longer be contained by the modest facility for manufacturing. The current production line was designed over a decade ago with the intent of manufacturing the required production amount of the company’s sale capacity. Today, the current production facility of Ethical Drugs Ltd has reached its optimum capacity. While this is a proud progress for the Ethical marketing and sales division, but given the current market demand it necessary now to expand production capacity along with introducing specialized products such as, Anti-Cancer Drug and Biotech Products.

Thus, we are presenting this proposal, in order to establish our second unit at Bhulta Industrial Area, Rupgonj, Narayangonj; 11 km away from existing unit and 30 km away from the Head Office (Dhaka), manufacturing premises on new holding, with future proof technology to last another couple of decades’ industrial compliance.

    Head Office & Factory

Head Office:
15/3-A, Tallabag, Sobhanbag
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

Godnail, Siddhirganj Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Cell: +880 1755 677 277
Email: info@ethicalgroup.net


Saturday-Thursday 08am – 04pm

Our Mission & Vision

Strive for excellence in supporting healthcare professionals with high quality products for the well-being of human health.

We strive to become a global standard pharmaceutical company by providing:

  • Premium quality products
  • Affordable price
  • Product availability
  • Customer service

Our aim is to cater the healthcare needs of ailing humanity of Bangladesh & beyond through following ethical business practice.